Orphan Aid

February 14, 2017

Undeniably, orphans are exposed to neglect and deprivation of basic human rights and needs. They have lower school enrollment rates, poorer health and nutritional status; suffer the lack of love and affection, and usually have emotional problems, among other issues.

DIWA continued its role in the global efforts to reverse this bias trend through providing comprehensive fortnightly check-ups, medical treatments, nutritional supplements, and new clothes at the end of every quarter for 33 orphans under the care of its orphan program.

DIWA’s Orphan Care program is a partnership of IHSAN Foundation for West Africa and DIWA. It seeks to sustain the physical health and educational well-being of vulnerable orphans. It currently covers 33 orphans’ medical care, clothing and education. For the past two years, the medication, school fee payment (including tuition, uniforms, books, and transport subsidy), shoes, and clothing, have been regularly attended to. Thus, the orphans in our care are both healthy and feel cared for.

One 10 year old orphan is diagnosed with kidney problem and currently receiving treatment through DIWA’s intervention

$40/month/orphan provides timely medical attention and maintains normal growth, as well as new clothes each quarter for 33 orphans. By partnering with DIWA in this intervention, donors will strategically be helping to make a difference.

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